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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I have a concern about a traffic safety matter in my neighborhood?

A. Contact the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department at 310-524-2357. A service request will be written up for the Traffic Committee to review the concern. The Traffic Committee is made up of staff from the Public Works and Police Departments.
    You can also contact the City Engineer, Lifan Xu, at 310-524-2368 or lxu@elsegundo.org to discuss your issue.

Q. What if the traffic light at (name intersection) is not working?

A. Contact the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department at 310-524-2357 or the City Engineer, Lifan Xu, at 310-524-2368 or lxu@elsegundo.org

Q. Who do I call if I want to put a refuse bin (dumpster) in the street in front of my home?

A. Contact the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department for a permit at 310-524-2360. The permit will require permit and inspection fees, security deposit and liability insurance coverage naming the City of El Segundo as additionally insured.

Q. What if I want to move an "oversize" load into the City?

A. Contact the Engineering Division of the Public Works Department for permit requirements at 310-524-2360.

Q. What is the holiday trash pickup schedule?

A. Trash and Recycling collection does not occur on the following six holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. When any of these days are observed on a weekday, services will be delayed one day. All other days are unaffected.

Q. Who do I call if the street light in front of my home is out?

A. Call the El Segundo City Maintenance Facility at (310) 524-2357. Or, you may call Edison's 24-hour Customer Service line at (800) 684-8123 or https://www.sce.com/Forms/ReportStreetLightOutage.aspx.

Q. How do I dispose of tree or bush trimmings?

A. https://www.edcodisposal.com/el-segundo/residential-waste-services/waste-pick-up/service-detail.php?service=286&location=676

Q. What recycling programs are currently in operation in the City of El Segundo?

A. Solid Waste and Recycling Services

Q. How does trash service work in El Segundo?

A. Single-Family Residences

B. Multi-Family Residences

Q. How do I report a pothole, graffiti, signal problems, trash or litter dumped in the public right-of-way, a damaged sidewalk or curb, or request sandbags for flood control?

A. Call the El Segundo Maintenance Facility at (310) 524-2709.

Q. Can the city run my cleanout?

A. If it is a city-installed cleanout, we will respond within 24 hours. Call us at (310) 524-2754.

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