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Residential Street Closures *Areas East of Main Street* Slurry Seal

  1. What are they doing to the street? What is slurry seal?
    Slurry seal is a liquid asphalt emulsion designed as a sealant to extend the useful life of a street.  Depending on the additives used with a slurry seal treatment, and the amount of traffic on a given street, slurry seal will last approximately 2 to 5 years.  The emulsion is spread onto a street and takes generally 5 hours to dry/set up. 
  2. I just saw the No Parking notices.  Where can people park if their street is being slurry sealed?
    They can park on any nearby street that is not being slurry sealed provided there are no other existing parking restrictions at those locations.  City staff can check the maps provided with the slurry seal schedules and give the resident the names of the streets that can be parked on during specific days.
  3. How long will it be before someone can drive on a street that has just been slurry sealed?
    Approximately 4 to 5 hours.  The contractor will remove all traffic delineators blocking a street when it’s okay to drive on the slurry seal.
  4. My family member needs to go to the hospital in the middle of the day that the street is being slurry sealed and he can’t walk very far.  Is there any way to re-schedule the slurry seal to a different day?
    City staff can take the resident’s contact information down and let the foreman know.  The foreman will try to coordinate with the resident to get them to where they need to be and still allow the slurry seal to take place.

  1. My street was posted for No Parking due to slurry sealing and it was supposed to be today, and it’s been two hours and I haven’t seen anybody working on the street, and I had to move my car three blocks away because of the signs.  Is anything going to happen?  Can I move my car back?
    The slurry seal contractor is doing work on different streets in the same day and will start work on your street soon.  City staff can take your name and number down and have the foreman call you to give you a better idea of when your street will be slurry sealed.
  2. Will the STOP limit lines and other stripes be put back afterwards?
    Yes.  It may take several days—there is a wait period to allow the slurry seal to completely cure before striping and a different contractor from the one who does the slurry seal will be scheduled to do the job.  In the meantime the contractor will place tabs where the stripes would normally be.  Stripes surrounding schools and public gathering areas will be re-striped first.
  3. A cat walked across the street when the slurry seal was wet and I can see its footprints—is anyone going to fix it?
    City staff will take the address down so the contractor can slurry seal patch those areas as needed.
  4. Who can I call with questions?  Please call Floriza Rivera at (310)524-2361

 Click on the PDF file below to view the tentative work schedule (weather permitting).

( View PDF )

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